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Get A Delightful Experience In Sri Lanka

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Who would not indulge in a retreat of none other than beautiful islands of the world – Sri Lanka?

“Life is meant for good friends and great adventures.”

Sri Lanka, known as the best island in the world. The camouflaged beauty has its own wilderness spread. Drive around hidden trails of beauty hidden between. Explore the uncharted waterways; go explore it at your pace.

Take a trip in hot air balloon through the mountains, over gleaming lakes, vast stretches of greenery, and with clean, fresh air. Experience Sri Lanka with Travel Dil Se like never before! You can spot the wild boars, deer, water buffaloes, and leopards, all of them roaming freely on the grass green fields without any fear. .

The 360 degrees panoramic views across the mountains will glide you in utter bliss with a spectacular sunset. As you walk along with your partner to the golden brown sands, a gentle breeze hugs you. It whispers you to collect the shiny sea shells that have been washed into the shore by the touch of waves. The blue ocean’s waves crashes against the rocks! The only thing that remains is to colour the skies bidding farewell for the day.

Travel Dil Se promises you a vacation for a lifetime. With fantastic customized holiday packages, it has now become easier to travel anywhere in the world! The best places are namely, Kandy, Colombo, Bentota, etc. If Sri Lanka’s pristine beaches, rich history and culture is not enough, you can take a quick look at the amazing wildlife. Did you Know? Sri Lanka is the best place in Asia to see hundreds of elephants in the wild.

There are many national parks where you can spot them (Yala or Udawalawe National Park) and if you’re lucky enough then you would not be needing any Safari to view them. You will see elephants passing by, in the main road during early morning or late afternoon!

Take a trip to Bentota for perfect rejuvenation. If you are a fan of private beaches, just the sound of waves and sun be hitting upon you then Bentota makes up for an ideal coast town with long shady beach in the South western part of Sri Lanka.

Do you like chasing clear skies and waters? You can also try the water sport activities and it is recommended that you go in the months of November to April. This beach is an ideal option for snorkelling, diving, water-skiing, wind surfing, etc.

Colombo, the bustling city has something to offer those looking to delve into its history. It functions as a gateway to some of the culture seen throughout the country, none more so than the temples which serve as an introduction to the importance of the role of Buddhism which is of mere impact in Sri Lankan’s history.

Surf a little, party a little, and lie lazily on the sands of this lovely beach. It’s too good to forget! It will make you believe in the fact that nature is full of surprises. Book your trip right now – 1800-121-1808

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